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Mensagem  Miro em Ter Jul 20, 2010 12:59 am

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Caveman thawed from the permafrost on the grounds of the Mars Recording Compound in Shalersville, Ohio. Much to the surprise of the metal band that was recording at the studio the defrosted duo lumbered into their their recording session. The primitives were at first frightened and confused by the cataclysmic raucous of the bands music, but eventually became enraptured by the shear brutal fury of the sounds. The music offered them solace in this strange new world, taking them back to their native place and time - now lost to them forever. The stunned musicians offered the pair cheeseburgers and inexpensive canned beer while the cave dwellers sat amazed and spellbound by the violent noise that surrounded them. After some time had passed the cavemen began wildly gesticulating toward the band members and primitively imitating their actions. The Neanderthals were offered instruments and immediately showed great musical aptitude. The metal band sat stunned and watched in awe as the nefarious Neanderthals proceeded to beat out vicious tales of the primitive brutality that was their native home and time.

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"March of the Death Clan" Cassette - 1998
1. Collecting the Tusks
2. Rockbreaker
3. Spear the Beast
4. March of The Deathclan
5. I Invented the Wheel
6. I Invented Fire

"Prehistoric Bloodbath" CD - 2003
Caveman 146706
1. Death of the Mammoth
2. Clubbing Wars
3. Hunting and Gathering
4. The Caveman's Beard
5. Prehistoric Bloodbath
6. Neanderthal Beatdown
Bonus Tracks:
7. Me Fire Make Cold Go Away
8. I Invented the Cave
9. Sexy Caveslut Good on Meatpole
10. Rock is Good for Enemy Killing

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Gulk - Grunts & Guitars
Krug - Skin pounding & Mammoth Slaying

Genero: Thrash/Death

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