Unidentified Falic Object - Tentacle Penetration

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Unidentified Falic Object - Tentacle Penetration Empty Unidentified Falic Object - Tentacle Penetration

Mensagem  Barbalien em Sex Ago 13, 2010 3:06 am

Alien love from above
My alien lover is the one I desire
Sexless beings With their probing
I long for their tentacles hovering over me

A thousand Tentacles Penetrate
Nose ears mouth eyes vagina and anus
Open wounds pulsate
Blood flowing tentacle entrance

An act of passion
and scientific Research
Fecal devourement
Extraterrestrial Pornography

Purple Cum of unknown origin
Orgasm trough falic mutilation
The sphinchter was ripped with thorns
Spiked Tentacles from my alien love

Superior Beings from Outerspace
Third degree encounters
Genital mutilation
Tentacle Penetration

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Data de inscrição : 20/07/2010

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