Heil Crom - The Raging Pig Returns

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Heil Crom - The Raging Pig Returns Empty Heil Crom - The Raging Pig Returns

Mensagem  Crusher em Sex Ago 13, 2010 4:55 pm

The glorious pig, one of the founders of heil crom went in an epic journey to die, however 13 Friday August 2010 he returned!

With Thousands of Scars, Thousands of Trophies and lots of experience!
Upon his arrival, he wasn't the same anymore, the pig was uglier than ever, his evilness was out of scale, his agressiveness emanated pure horridness. He even ripped Crushers other eye out!

Now, with crusher as a Blind bastard barbarian, and the Pig as the most barbarian motherfucker in music, their music will be the dirtiest, inhuman, animalestic, barbarian drunk shit you have ever heard!

Prepare your ears, or they gonna explode with them indecence

Imediate conflicts raged beetween the pig and the alien, wounded Ominous Barbalien from OuterSpace returned to his spaceship and left never to be seen again.

Heil Crom is now once again in its purest and original form!

We got back to our origins of un-music and will continue to proliferate with bad humour and no-sense musical destruction to please Crom!

Be Prepared!

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