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Gnarl orK Pick up lines Empty Gnarl orK Pick up lines

Mensagem  gnarl em Ter Jul 20, 2010 3:59 am

I gnarl have raped many pale skins, but i like better da green-folk!

Gnarl knows some of da best Ork Pick Up Lines! Teach gnarl moar!

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- Take off da dress an fuck my brains out like a cave slut!!!
- I'm doing a survey on which brand of underwear Orc sex maidens prefer leaving in da corner of da room while having wild sex wit me.
- Well, if ya don't wanna have sex wit me, i will rape ya! so get on your knees orK bitch!
- Do ya wanna see something swell?
- Sex is a sensation; caused by da temptation; ta feel penetration; wen a male sticks his location; in da girl's destination; ta increase da population; fo da next generation; did ya get my explanation; or da ya need a demonstration orK biatch?
- Greetings fair Orc maiden, might I trouble thee fo a hump?
- Let's go back ta my place an shag on a big pile of my pillagings! (Best Orc Pickup line!)
- Wanna shag like Gorkens?
- ya can scream if i fuck yar ass, but your mouth is gonna be busy!
- orcs Smash!
- Bitch, ya must be a raider, 'cause that ass is EPIC!
- I hope ya can use 2-handers bitch!

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