Infernal Boot Throne - The Boot Slayer

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Infernal Boot Throne - The Boot Slayer Empty Infernal Boot Throne - The Boot Slayer

Mensagem  the mighty boot em Qua Jul 28, 2010 4:35 am

the boots...are coming... (narrado)

boots of satan, walking the earth,rising to power
the legend of the infernal boot throne
enslaving humanity, endless misanthrophy
the boots are comming the end is near

An opposing force
Sent from Heaven
Shinny Boots
Angelical aura

unholy warrior arise to esventrate the boots
boot tormenter
boot sodomizer
boot slaughterer
the boot's biggest nightmare

killing the boots
slaying the boots
crushing the boots
forever tormenting the boots

hunting, in the darkness, marching blasphemy
the dog christ guides them, the damn boots
satan guides him, he slays them all!!!!

Northern boots, southern boots, he is slaughtering all the fvckign boots!!!!

contra botas divinas marchando
na companhia de botas demoniacas guerreando
todas as botas catolicas ele caça!!!!!

enslaving the boots!!!
smashing the boots!
eating the boots!
hanging the boots

hunt all the god damned boots, eat their flesh and drink their blood
convert them into unholy zombie boots!!!!

SATAN.........ODIN.........SET........THOR....PAI NATAL.....
rotten, with dirt and smelly
accept the bootish offerings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and then the shoe makers guild cries echoaed over the land for he had returned (narrado)

the mighty boot
the mighty boot
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